Software that gives you an image of what you will look like after orthodontic treatment before you start orthodontic treatment.

Software that gives you an image of what you will look like after orthodontic treatment before you begin orthodontic treatment.


ClinCheck is a unique software program developed by Align, Inc.

When aligners are fabricated, an optical scan is used to take a mold of the teeth, which is used to obtain intraoral data and to plan the treatment.

The feature of ClinCheck is that the movement of the teeth can be confirmed on a 3D screen.

The patient’s teeth can be viewed from all angles, not just from the front.

For example, if the patient has buck teeth, the patient can visually check how the front teeth move.

This allows the clinician to simulate how the patient’s teeth will move before treatment begins, and the patient can watch the movement of the teeth on the monitor with the clinician, giving the patient a realistic view of tooth movement and a positive attitude towards orthodontic treatment.

The patient can check the movement of the teeth together with the monitor.


As the clinician simulates the movement of the teeth with the patient, the patient’s doctor (a certified Invisalign practitioner) makes most of the detailed adjustments.

It is also possible to create a treatment plan that meets the patient’s desire for “more of this”.

The attachments and IPRs that will be fitted during the Invisalign treatment are also analysed with ClinCheck.

Based on the treatment plan created by ClinCheck, the dentist will make detailed modifications to provide the best possible results for the patient.



ClinCheck provides safer and more reliable orthodontic treatment

It is a great benefit for patients to receive safer and more reliable treatment through ClinCheck’s simulation.

Conventional orthodontic treatment can only assume tooth movement based on the dentist’s vision.

It is therefore undeniable that there is a problem with the finished product being different from the ideal! This is a problem that can’t be ruled out.


The Invisalign ClinCheck is very important because it simulates the movement of the teeth so that the results are visible and the patient can be satisfied with the treatment.

The ClinCheck is a very important part of the orthodontic process.




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