Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatments are an effective way of saving and repairing teeth before they get to the stage where it becomes necessary to have them removed.

The benefits of maintaining the natural tooth, rather than resorting to extraction and subsequent implant procedures, comes for a variety of reasons including the maintenance of natural look, bite and functionality. It is for this reason that the majority of patients prefer to opt for saving their natural tooth structure, over having new implants fitted.

A tooth which requires root canal treatment is one which has become infected or inflamed because of tooth decay, trauma, a crack or chip, extreme tooth wear or neglect. Once treatment has been undertaken in root canal therapy, it is often advisable to have the tooth in question crowned as soon as possible to avoid further effects of leaking or cracking.

At our clinic, along with other top 3 % dentists, we utilize high-tech microscope to aid Root Canal Therapy.

As an anaesthetic is used to numb the area receiving treatment, pain is not experienced during root canal therapy and for simple procedures to the front tooth, procedure time and frequency can be limited to a couple a visits.
For more complex work to the back molars, a greater number of visits may be necessary, with approximately four being considered standard, conducted over weekly periods.

Occasional problems arising after root canal therapy can result in the experience of pain when chewing or the occurrence of pus around the associated area of gum. This can occur when the entire, hidden root canal has not been treated or there are unusually strong pathogens occurring around the root apex.

When root canal treatment fails to rectify the problem, the patient may opt to either have the tooth removed and an implant used in its place, or further endodontic treatment may be sought through a specialist where appropriate.

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