PLEASE Watch the videos made by real patients!

What is the content of the video? The video starts with how to get to our clinic from Town Hall Station, and then shows the Invisalign treatment in progress. Treatment to make a gap of a few millimetres between the teeth. (IPR) Also had teeth cleaned (scaling). The Invisalign treatment and the cleaning took about 1hour […]

Hi-tech dentistry delivering best outcomes

 Sydney Morning Herald, Sunday, August 30, 2020, Have you checked our article in SMH??? ↓↓↓ Click Here ↓↓↓ Hi-tech dentistry delivering best outcomes


Dr Kim has presented Masterclass in Brisbane. Although this course was made for those Invisalign certified dentists of Queensland with limited seats of 25, there has been 15 additional dentists who have flown from interstates.

Achieve an Attractive Smile with Lumineers!

Nothing expresses joy, beauty and health much like a gorgeous smile… Lumineers are a great cosmetic dental treatment to transform your smile, and have been used to improve smiles for over 20 years. This treatment is highly beneficial for people who wish to achieve a symmetrical, white, youthful smile, without painful orthodontics or invasive procedures. […]

Make Your Teeth Dazzle with BriteSmile

BriteSmile Is One of the Leading Tooth Whitening Systems Available With so many tooth whitening systems out there, it’s hard to know which one is the best. At Dental Clinic @ World Tower in Sydney we’ve found one of the most effective forms of tooth whitening on the market. For 4 years at Dental Clinic […]

It is Still the Most Feared Dental Treatment

It is the dental treatment that still scares people away from the dentist Old stigmas die hard. This is because usually they have been around for so long, and integrate themselves with negative connotations. In this case the stigma revolves around pain and dentistry. Dentistry alone gives people enough cause for fear: thankfully with modern […]

High-tech dental technology with Dental Clinic @ World Tower

Innovative dental technology is simply part of being a great dentist… Here at Dental Clinic @ World Tower we believe investing in your smile is good money spent. That’s why we make it our prerogative to always be up to date with the latest dental technologies and advances so that we’re always bettering our dental […]

It’s the treatment that has scared people for a long time

Dental treatments have evolved over time so now treatments are more people-friendly It is understandable that people are afraid of what they do not understand. And there probably was a time—decades ago—when certain dental treatments were painful and fear-inducing. However, as time has moved on medical science has improved. Did you know? A survey conducted […]

Your wisdom teeth could be severely impacting your oral health

Are your wisdom teeth giving you grief but you do not want them out? Read on and you may change your mind… Did you know that nine out of ten people suffer from having at least one wisdom tooth stuck under the gum line, due to insufficient space? When a tooth is only able to […]