What kind of teeth should I have orthodontic treatment?

There are two main reasons for starting orthodontic treatment. (1) The patient wants to be cured. (2) Cases in which orthodontic treatment is recommended by the dentist as a result of treatment for a tooth, such as a tooth eruption. (Bite problems) Cases in which patients may want to be cured Many people begin orthodontic […]

One Visit CEREC Crown and Restorations

Why use CEREC? The old way of doing dental restorations was for you to have at least two visits. During the first visit your dentist would examine the affected area, put a temporary restoration in and send you away so the permanent ceramic filler could be made. This could take weeks in some situations, and it meant […]

Microscope Enhanced Dentistry

Just like specialists in medical operating theatre, our practice has embraced the use of high-tech microscopes in both clinic studios for magnification to maintain the highest treatment standards. Since 2004, like the top 3% of dentists in Australia, we have installed high-tech microscopes in all of our studios as part of our preventive and curative […]

Keep your smile straight with orthodontic retainers.

What is an orthodontic retainer? A retainer is a device designed to hold the teeth in position once they have been moved into the right place using braces. A permanent retainer is a line of metal that is attached to the inside of the teeth to stop them moving. Retainers are used at the end […]

You’re Never Too Old To Improve Your Smile!

Is orthodontic treatment for children or young people? Many people think that orthodontics should be done when they are young, but we have even had people in their 70’s start Invisalign treatment. There are many reasons why adults choose orthodontic treatment to correct an imperfect smile. Not only do straight teeth look good, they are […]

Boost your oral health with some essential tips!

 we’re here to help you boost your oral health with some essential tips! Tip #1: Brush before bedtime Bacteria in your mouth party all night long, so brushing before bed is a must. At night you produce less saliva to fight the acid that bacteria create in your mouth, which can lead to cavities, irritated […]

Can Invisalign clear aligners fix an underbite?

What is an underbite? An underbite is when you close your mouth and your lower front teeth are in front of your upper teeth. In many cases, this is actually a problem with your lower jaw being too far forward.       Can Invisalign clear aligners fix an underbite? Yes, Invisalign clear aligners can […]

3D Dental Scan / Dental CBCT

we offer panoramic x-rays and cone-beam 3D imaging . Cone beam 3D imaging is a relatively new development that allows dentists to see clear, detailed, three dimensional images of your teeth, as well as the bones and soft tissues that surround them. These kinds of images can be a lot more helpful than traditional two-dimensional […]

Ways to Make Mum Smile this Mother’s Day

This Sunday families across Australia will be celebrating the magnificent work of mothers. Struggling for ideas? We’ve got great ideas that will definitely put a smile on mum’s face – and the rest of the family too! Dental Check up & Cleaning Prevention is better than cure! We understand that taking care of your teeth might […]

Top tips on how to look after your teeth this Easter.

Whilst chocolate eggs and sweets can be fun and tempting during Easter, increased amounts can lead to tooth decay. Over Easter, it is important to balance enjoying sweets and protecting the long-term oral health of you and your family. 4 Dental Health Tips for you this Easter: ■ DRINK PLENTY OF WATER Water will help to […]