Our Support Team

Elizabeth Lee, JP

Practice Manager

Our practice manager, Elizabeth has been working for the team since 2004 and is a qualified medical sonographer as well as a medical radiographer. She has tertiary qualifications and special involvement as the following:

  • University of Sydney, b.sc (med.rad.science)
  • University of Sydney, dip.b.sc (med.sonography)
  • Certificate of Momentum Practice Managing Course 2004 – 2005
  • A member of NSW Justices’ Association
  • A member of Australian Sonography Association (NSW)
  • Justice of the Peace(NSW)


Practice Co-ordinator

Yumi has been with our team since 2015 and knows the ins and outs of it all. Her high level of depth of knowledge in dentistry has pleased and impressed many patients, and she continues to display professionalism and expertise at reception.


Practice Co-ordinator

Joyce speaks English, Japanese and Mandarin and qualified dentist in China and Japan. Joyce has been working as a pratice co-ordinator to serve patients with her deep knowledge in dentistry and shows ultimate care for our patients. Her presence promotes empathy towards patients amongst staff and she continues to provide exception service.


Practice Coordinator

When you call the clinic, it’s very likely you will be answered by Michelle’s friendly voice. She strives to ensure a smooth running of the clinic daily so that our patients are able to have a pleasant experience with us every visit. Michelle’s priority is customer satisfaction, and you will be sure to experience top-notch service over the phone and in person.

Monique and Miyako

Practice Mediator

Monique and Miyako are dental assistants to provide exceptional care to our patients to ensure their dental visits are as comfortable as being at home !


Clinical and Marketing Co-ordinator

Rie has been our clinical and marketing co-ordinator since 2016 and she is able to attend to both English and Japanese-speakers. With background in education in Beauty Therapy, Rie’s first priority is to serve our patients with her friendly and calm nature. Rie is also charge of promoting our clinic and introducing our products and services to the public, especially to those who need us most. Many, if not all of our promotional materials you may see in magazines and advertisements have been created and/or approved by Rie herself.


Eunice has been managing all accounts and book keeping for our team. She has been meticulous in our records and continues to serve the team with all the payrolls and arranging all invoices to be paid.


Garry has been our dental technician since 2004 and has been delivering top service to our patients in making crowns and other dental jobs.


Yugo is known to be top cosmetic dental technician in worldwide and especially in Sydney CBD. He specializes in a single front tooth crowns and veneers and known to be exceptionally attention to detail in delivering a natural looking shape and colour of the front single tooth that you would not even notice the differences to your natural tooth.

For any further information regarding our treatments or practice, please contact the Dental Clinic at World Tower and we will be more than happy to help answer your questions or arrange an appointment for you.