PORCELAIN Durable Filling

Porcelain Tooth Restorations

Porcelain fillings are crafted from a specially formulated dental ceramic material through

Are you aware that every filling has different life expectancy ? If you haven't, did you know that most of tooth coloured fillings last less than 7 years before decay starts around them ?

Are you interested to find out what the most ideal choice of tooth filling which lasts the most ?

It is called "Porcelain" or "Ceramic" tooth restoration.

At our clinic, we are equipped with 3D computer-aided cutting device (Cerec, Germany) which enables "One Visit" treatment, from start to finish instead of you visit the dentist twice as at most other dentists.

This "One visit" porcelain material is designed to be tough, durable, and visually indistinguishable from natural tooth enamel.

The longest lasting dental filling material available today, porcelain ceramic fillings can last as long as 20 + years, and are stronger and more durable than even natural teeth.

Why porcelain fillings?

Porcelain fillings are the strongest, most durable, and natural looking option available for tooth restoration today.

Are porcelain fillings safe?

Yes. Porcelain fillings are made of safe, natural, ceramic materials.

Are porcelain fillings durable?

Yes. The porcelain material used in porcelain fillings is a specially formulated dental material, which is stronger than natural tooth enamel. Through strong chemical bonding between tooth surface and porcelain surface, all the vertical chewing force is optimally distributed to the root of the tooth.

Porcelain fillings vs Composite Resin fillings

Composite Resin filling is a plastic- based filling with white appearance and it is often used as a cheaper alternative to Porcelain filling.

At initial placement, it appears quite similar to much durable porcelain filling but it tends to become discoloured over years and it will weaken the tooth with the chance of secondary decay forming underneath.

Composite Resin filling (new and after 5 years) – showing discolouration

Porcelain filing and Composite Resin filling (both 3 years old)

Small composite resin filling can last up to 7 – 10 years before marginal leakage occurs between itself and the tooth surface and this leads to secondary decay.

However, if it is used to restore a back molar tooth with large cavity, it will often lead to premature secondary decay attack within 1-3 years time.

Porcelain fillings vs Porcelain Crowns

Except for Root Canal Therapy treated teeth, Porcelain filling can make the weakened tooth structure significantly stronger through chemical bonding between itself and the tooth surface. As a result, majority of well- bonded porcelain fillings last 20 years before secondary decay starts.

Porcelain crown capping also strengthens the tooth but it requires sound tooth structure removal instead. (Porcelain filling requires minimal tooth reduction by removing the decayed part of the tooth only) This has been shown to contribute to tooth sensitivity or pain, requiring root canal therapy.

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