High-tech dental technology with Dental Clinic @ World Tower

Innovative dental technology is simply part of being a great dentist…

Here at Dental Clinic @ World Tower we believe investing in your smile is good money spent. That’s why we make it our prerogative to always be up to date with the latest dental technologies and advances so that we’re always bettering our dental and customer service and your smiles. The Dental Clinic @ World tower practice in Sydney is in the 1% of the most technologically advanced dental clinics in the whole of the city and outer districts. This means that by coming to us you are receiving state of the art treatment which is second to none for the whole family.

Your confidence and happiness is worth the effort to achieve the perfect smile…

A better smile has been proven to improve job prospects, improve the chances of a second date and improve your overall self-esteem and dedication to dental health. That is why we are so dedicated to enhancing the treatment for the perfect smile, and with each new dental invention we are that step closer to ensuring affordable and convenient treatments for everybody’s smile.

Below are only three of our myriad of great dental innovations that we employ on a daily basis here at Dental Clinic @ World Tower.

Laser dentistry with the Waterlase MD

The Waterlase MD is the new modern treatment to replace the drill. The laser mechanism allows for completely precise drilling and improves the overall procedure by reducing pain and mouth tissue disruption. It reduces the uncomfortable feeling because it elliminates the vibration of the traditional drill. This vibration caused heat and thus resulted in an uncomfortable feeling.


The Diagnodent is a revolutionary dental tool that came out of Germany’s brightest dental innovators. This tool is absolutely ground breaking as it enables the detection and diagnoses of tooth decay before your dentist or even dental x-rays can pick it up. This means that you’ll be able to treat the cavity straight away, rather than having to wait until it gets a little larger where you’ll have to put up with a larger filling. This machine also ensures the early detection of signs of periodontitis which is another name for gum disease which can detrimentally infect the mouth and result in missing teeth and even cancer cells.

It makes sense doesn’t it? That small areas would be more visible with a microscopic viewing glass. Well that’s exactly what we do here at Dental Clinic @ World Tower – we utilise the highest greade microscopes to ensure the utmost precision with our patients. This ensure a better success rate of the installation of dental implants as well as a general better treatment experience for the patient. The machine also decreases the risks of human error caused by eyesight as our view of your mouth is enhanced substantially.

If you wish to find out more about the range of technology we offer, book an appointment by visiting us at Dental Clinic @ World Tower in Sydney or contact us.