It is Still the Most Feared Dental Treatment

It is the dental treatment that still scares people away from the dentist

Old stigmas die hard. This is because usually they have been around for so long, and integrate themselves with negative connotations. In this case the stigma revolves around pain and dentistry. Dentistry alone gives people enough cause for fear: thankfully with modern technology we have sedation methods that allow patients to undergo treatment with minimal discomfort. Also, thanks to modern technology treatments are carried out more effectively and with better results.

The most feared dental treatment…

The most feared dental treatment suffers a lot of bad press, but generally the bad press is decades old or comes from horror stories of incompetent or fake dentists doing work on poor unsuspecting patients.

The dental treatment we speak of is root canal. Why? Because of what people associate with the idea of a root canal, not necessarily the actual root canal treatment as performed in modern dentistry.

Separating the myth from the reality…

Myth: a root canal is a painful treatment.

Reality: one of the aims of a root canal is to relieve pain. While ‘back in the day’ this procedure may have caused pain, these days modern medicine provides a patient with anaesthesia for a virtually painless procedure. Having said that, after the treatment there will be some sensitivity due to swollen gums. This should go away after a few days and with the help of over-the-counter anti-inflammatories.

Myth: a root canal treatment is synonymous with tooth extraction.

Reality: a root canal is in fact meant to save the original tooth. Where in conventional dental care a tooth would be extracted, a root canal is used instead to remove infected pulp and save the tooth from extraction. You see, there is nothing better than your natural tooth which is why at Dental Clinic @ World Towers in Sydney will always try to save your tooth and use extraction only as a last resort.

Modern technology…

Dentistry today is not like it was even 20 or 30 years ago. It is a constantly evolving science dedicated to making the lives of patients easier and healthier. At Dental Clinic @ World Tower we use a high-tech microscope to aid in Root Canal Therapy. It is called a RAYPEX 4 and it is a portable microcomputer controlled apex locator. The use of this technology allows us to measure the working root length to better treat our patients.

Your treatment at Dental Clinic @ World Tower…

We believe that keeping your natural tooth is the best available choice. A root canal treatment is an effective way to save your tooth and avoid extraction. There are a number of reasons why keeping your natural tooth is preferable to a dental implant. Now, while a dental implant is an effective means of replacement, keeping your natural tooth (where possible) is a much better option. The reasons a natural tooth is better include the maintenance of your bite and functionality. It is for this reason that many of our patients prefer to have their tooth saved than extracted.

After root canal therapy has been performed, you may—depending on the extent of the root canal therapy—require a crown to protect the tooth. Another myth is that a crown will mean that another root canal will be needed down the track. The reality is that a crown will protect and strengthen your tooth. Of course, we will only recommend a crown if the root canal was severe and the tooth is severely weakened afterwards.

For more information on our root canal therapy, or to book an appointment at our conveniently located dental practice in Sydney, please do not hesitate to contact us.